Flair for innovative design (UK and USA patents)

Analytical strength

In-depth understanding of underlying principles

A winning and communicative style of management

Determination to succeed and meet project time scales

Methodical manner of working

I tackled the problem of poor base response and “boxy” timbre of bass guitar amps by researching the fundamentals of horn loading.  From that stage I adapted the acoustic configuration of Paul Klipsch’s world-famous horn-loaded loudspeaker to modern electronics and materials.

I undertook the entire physical design and construction.  Sound construction principles have lent it robustness and versatility – from church halls to a discotheque, jazz band to living-room hi-fi.

Measured acoustical performance matched predictions and   it adds sonorous depth to live (bass guitar) music as well serving as a hi-fi woofer.  Elektor Electronics published the project and donated me the exploded view.



Maplin Millennium 2000 stereo valve audio amplifier and oak table – both Bob-built

The unique Shewee-inal® from Bob’s Radio Know-how is  spearheading the revolution in women’s bid to throw off traditional stereotypes, as will be witnessed in many a She/Pee enclosures at many of this summer’s outdoor music festivals, and other large gatherings.


Often mis-named “She Pee” (which is the Registered Trade Mark of the female urination device (F.U.D.) marketed by SheWee Ltd), the Glastonbury “She/Pee” has been offering women an alternative to the cabin-style temporary WC units since 2004, copied by the Isle of Wight, Reading and Leeds festivals. The She/Pee is typically a canvas-walled females-only enclosure containing various stand-up urinals. Disposable and re-usable F.U.D. are provided (sometime gratis).


SheWee-inal: small

TheShewee-inal® is a low-level trough of familiar design (unlike the heavy Dutch-made 4-man deployable urinal typical of city centres, etc.).  Prefabricated, it is erected on-site from man-portable sections and comes with re-assuring privacy screens.

Trade Mark used by kind permission of SheWee Ltd.

Unique, easily assembled double bed. Kit of
parts is car transportable.